Community Health Representative

Santo Domingo, NM

Santo Domingo Tribe

Posted On: Oct-21-2020
Status: This Job is Closed
Human Resources Department
Pueblo of Santo Domingo
POSITION TITLE: Community Health Representative
Open till filled
Santo Domingo Tribe exercises Indian Preference in employment opportunities but otherwise supports non-discrimination on the
basis of age, sex, religion, disability, color, race, or national origin, except where required by bona fide business necessity
The Community Health Representative (CHR) is a member and under the supervision, administrative and clinical
management of the Kewa Family Wellness Center (KFWC). The CHR program is managed under program work plans
and a scope of practice following CHR policies and program standards. The primary objectives are prevention,
intervention, treatment and health education in a Pueblo community and public health environment. A special emphasis is
placed on working knowledge of Kewa Pueblo norms, values, traditions and public health concepts and perceptions of
Kewa health.
The CHR is the primary contact for individuals, households, and community. As a member of the KFWC, services are
provided in a coordinated patient/family centered manner with multi health disciplines and health partners. Services
include patient education, disease prevention, intervention strategies and treatment in a community setting. Community
education following acceptable best practices in a Pueblo community are followed. Services are monitored and
coordinated among tribal and other health partners with application of curriculum-based practices and quality standards
established by CHR, KFWC, Tribal. State and Federal Standards/certifications. Applicable Scope of Practice
certifications/standards are established for individual CHRs. Transportation is a service as well as newer disciplines and
services yet to be established based on community need. It is expected that CHRs contribute in planning and seeking
services that will create 3rd party revenues to sustain long term survival of the CHR and community-based services.
• Provides prevention, intervention, rehabilitative services identified by program work plans and surveillance, home
visits and provider referrals.
• Serves as a liaison/advocate/translator between individuals, families, community and health providers and
partners. Ensures the individuals understand and accept their roles in prevention, intervention, treatment plans
based on referrals and cultural understanding. Health Education and treatment/counseling techniques will be used.
• Assist health providers and partners with case management, service coordination and outcome-based systems by
using Kewa language translation of medical, social, behavioral, EMS and other services. This may include
outside providers including MCOs, Hospice, Visiting Nurses, social service agencies, state and federal programs
authorized to provide health and environmental services in Kewa Pueblo. All directed services will require
supervisor approval.
• Provides supplies, equipment, medical information based on program requirements including durable medical
equipment, health literacy/education information, maintenance and inventory of equipment using required
methods, social media, and other forms of information gathering/dissemination.
• Provides services based on community-based emergency needs, patient assessments, public health emergencies,
CHR/KFWC priorities and tribal needs as identified. Native perceptions of health, traditional and cultural beliefs
and practices will complement services provided. Appropriate Communications and understanding between
patients and providers will be important in acceptable service delivery.
• Will work with various health partners including clinics, hospitals, treatment facilities, insurance, and third-party
health plans, social, environmental, tribal, state, federal and private sector agencies that provide services within
the Pueblo and outside venues.
• Provides non-emergency medical transportation based on program standards, policies, work plans as established
by CHR/KFWC to eligible community members.
• Assists as First Responders, EMS, public emergency requirements based on certification and training
requirements. The CHR/KFWC training requirements and scope of practice will be followed.
• Plans and organizes individual work plans, logs, service hours, patient needs and documenting on required
reporting formats and medium to assure program goals and objectives are met.
• Other duties as assigned will be followed based on program needs and as directed by supervisor.
• Integrity / Honesty
All Santo Domingo Tribe employees must operate in an ethical manner by following all Santo Domingo Tribe
policies and procedures relating to HIPAA, handling, and tracking confidential client information, and proper
behavior between staff and patients. Incumbent must conduct oneself above the appearance of doing something
• Teamwork
All Santo Domingo Tribe employees must be competent in working effectively with division members and members
of other divisions to resolve common issues or problems as well as listening and seeking others’ perspective on how
to complete assignments. Keeps others informed and up to date about tasks, progress, or projects.
• Goal and Task Management
Incumbents in this job need to be able to plan, prioritize, set goals, establish standards, coordinate tasks, show concern
for deadlines, and track progress with respect to personal performance.
• Collect and Organize Information
Incumbents in this job need to be able to identify, systematically collect, and organize information for use by self or
others in an organization.
• Interpersonal Skills (Working with Others)
Incumbent in this position must be able to communicate one's feelings, preferences, needs, and opinions in a way that
is neither threatening nor punishing to another person, while at the same time recognizing effort of others and praising
that effort.
• High school diploma or GED requirement with at least one-year experience working in a health care setting or
facility is required. An associate degree in a health-related field or one-year experience as certified medical
assistant, EMT, health aide is beneficial/preferred.
• Basic IHS 100-hour federal CHR modules and NM Community Health Worker certification should be obtained
within the first 6 months of employment.
• CPR, First Responder, Food Handlers certifications should be obtained within the first 6 months of employments.
• Working knowledge of Kewa Pueblo health systems, norms, traditions will be expected.
• Must be able to communicate to patients, community, leadership in Keres to translate and understand medical
policies, services, communications, and health care delivery systems.
• Must be able to work in clinical settings, homes, schools and assigned venues including out of pueblo
• Must understand hours could vary, time beyond normal 8-hour day, evenings, weekends, holidays based on
individual and community needs following KFWC directives and policies.
• Must meet all CHR, KFWC and Santo Domingo Pueblo HR policy requirements including background checks,
Driver’s license updates, Courts of competent jurisdiction clearance, medical and administrative requirements.
• Must be able to satisfactorily pass a background check.
• Valid New Mexico driver’s license with ability to meet Santo Domingo Tribe liability insurance requirements and
maintain eligibility for insurance.
Please submit complete application packet.
• By email:, subject line: Community Health Representative Generalist – [Your
• By mail: Santo Domingo Tribe Human Resources, PO Box 127, Santo Domingo NM 87052
• By fax: (505) 465-2043 Attn: Human Resources
• In person: Human Resources Department, 10 Tesuque St, Santo Domingo NM 87052
Incomplete application packets may delay or exclude consideration of your application. A complete application packet
includes the following:
• Santo Domingo Tribe Employment Application
• Cover Letter
• Resume