: SPED Parent Liaison Special Education (SpEd) **Re-Advertise**

Bellingham, WA

Lummi Nation

Posted On: Jul-06-2021
Status: This Job is Closed
$16.50-$18.48 p/h DOE
JOB SUMMARY: Make parent contact and act as a communication liaison between the school and the
community. Counsel students and families regarding attendance, educational services, related services,
local community services and promote academic achievement. Support and encourage parent involvement
in school related activities for the Lummi Tribal School (K-8 Program).
ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following, and other related duties
as assigned.
1. Counsel student and families regarding importance of attendance.
2. Provide parent training in collaboration with Family Services Assistants and Transition Liaison.
3. Attend intervention, IEP and IVP meetings when requested.
4. Make home visits and contacts with families with out phones as needed and requested by
administration and other staff.
5. Keep documentation of the nature of the contact, attempted contacts, times, and dates in binder and
6. Maintain current information in NASIS.
7. Assist in proctoring student achievement tests.
8. Assist in managing and maintaining student files.
9. Assist school support team in providing school and community support services to families and
student as needed.
10. Advise students, families and staff of local resources to promote physical and mental health.
11. Promote parent involvement in student learning both at home and school.
12. Ensure computerized records of student phone numbers and addresses are accurate for students
enrolled in the special education program.
13. Transport special education students at the direction of the LNS administration when needed.
14. Attend parent advisory committee meetings and workshops as required.
15. Participate in the Professional Learning Community (PLC) trainings and meetings.
16. Carry out other duties assigned by the special education director or designee.
17. Bring homework to students that are either sick at home, in juvenile detention, treatment center, or
during winter culture months.
18. Collect BIE Parent Surveys.
19. Explain Procedural Safeguards with parents or guardians.20. Perform home visits in order to get signatures for all legal documentation for special education
21. Manage excel spreadsheet with student and parent information.
22. Review documents with parents or guardians.
23. Maintain travel log for special education vehicle.
24. Work with special education students and parents to improve attendance and increase the % of
excused absences and decrease the % un- excused absences.
25. Collect school registration for special education students.
26. Responsible to be knowledgeable of LIBC, BIA and Washington State Department of Education and
Tribal policies, procedures and regulatory practices.
27. Manage service logs.
28. Assist with payroll when needed.
29. Assist with travel when needed.
• High School diploma or GED.
• 2 years of experience working within the Lummi Community with high-risk youth and families in
supplying community support services/referrals.
• Must possess a valid Washington State Driver’s license and meet eligibility requirements for tribal
• Lummi/Native American/Veteran preference policy applies.
• Exceptional organization skills.
• Excellent verbal and written interpersonal communication skills.
• Experience and skill working in an educational setting with an understanding of sensitivity to special
education needs of Native Americans and have an appreciation for the cultural heritage of Native
Americans as highly desired.
• Ability to be a positive role model and drug/alcohol free.
• Ability to inform, involves, and collaborates with parents and families to build strong school
partnerships in the educational process.
• Ability to establish and maintain open effective communication and good rapport with students,
parents and school personnel.
• Must pass pre-employment and random drug and alcohol test to be eligible for and maintain
employment, as required by the LIBC Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy.
• This position requires regular contact with or Control over Indian Children and is therefore subject to
an extensive Criminal Background Check and CAMIS Check with Washington State Patrol and
Federal Bureau of investigation Fingerprint Clearance.
• Proof of U.S. Citizenship.
• Must be able to adhere to strict attendance expectations of the Lummi Nation School.
• Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the LIBC Policies and
Procedures and the Lummi Nation School Board on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.
• All elements of this job description apply.
• Academic School Year (12 month employee).TO APPLY:
To obtain a Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) application go to: https://www.lumminsn.gov/widgets/JobsNow.php or request by e-mail libchr@lummi-nsn.gov For more information contact
the HR front desk (360) 312-2023. Submit LIBC application, cover letter, resume & reference letters no
later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date listed above. If listing degrees or certifications include copies.
Mailing Address: 2665 Kwina Road, Bellingham, WA 98226. Human Resource Fax number: 360-380-